Fathers Day in Berkshire

Easthampstead Park is the perfect destination to treat your special dad to an awesome afternoon out on Fathers Day in Berkshire.
With wonderful gardens and woodland to explore, a fantastic bar to grab a few drinks, and top class dining, YOUR dad will love visiting us here at Easthampstead Park.

A Dad Is : A Sons first HERO and a Daughters first LOVE – UNKNOWN

When is Fathers Day in 2022

In 2022 Fathers Day in the UK falls on Sunday June 19th. Why not contact us today to find out what offerings our hotel restaurant has in mind for your special dad.

Fathers Day Lunch at Easthampstead Park

Our wonderfully inviting Fathers Day Lunch is designed to be enjoyed by all members of YOUR family and offers special discounted pricing for those under 12 years of age.

Fathers Day In Berkshire
Fathers Day In Berkshire

A father carries photograpahs where his money used to be – STEVE MARTIN

Fathers Day in Wokingham

Situated between Wokingham & Bracknell, Easthamsptead Park is ideally located within 80 acres of beautifully maintained grounds, and provides an opulent countryside setting that is perfect to impress your Dad on not only Fathers Day but on ay other day of the year. He’s worth it after all!

Perfect Fathers Day Gifts

Dads are always VERY difficult to buy for, as Dads, more than anyone else in the family, tend to insist that they don’t actually need or want anything! Often a smile and a hug is everything they require – but let’s be honest here, we love spoiling our dads just as much as we do our mums.

Fathers Day in Berkshire Accommodation Gift Voucher
Fathers Day In Berkshire Food and Beverage Gift Voucher

Fathers Day Menu

The Fathers Day Menu here at Easthampstead Park in Berkshire is an inspired simple fresh classic Fathers Day Menu created by our fantastic chefs using only locally sourced ingredients.

My father gave me dreams. Thanks to him, I could see a future – LIZA MINNELLI

Produced especially for Fathers Day, our speciality menu is designed specifically so your dad can enjoy a wonderfully relaxed lunch together with the entire family, without having to worry about anything.

Fathers Day Lunch

Fathers Day Dining in Bracknell and Wokingham is all about spoiling your amazing Dad. We take care of everything here in our relaxed surrounds, so you can give your DAD the full attention he deserves.

Easthampstead Park Fathers Day Menu!

A father is a banker provided by nature – French Proverb

Fathers Day in Bracknell

Easthampstead Park Hotel in Bracknell and Wokingham will assist you in ensuring your Dad is treated to the best Fathers Day EVER.

Why not consider booking your Dad an overnight stay in one of our newly refurbished rooms to really complement his days experience with some good “old fashioned” hotel indulgence.

Easthampstead Park Winter Warmer Hotel Room

Best Fathers Day Lunch in Berkshire

Easthampstead Park Hotel is very easy to find and there is loads of parking for your entire family to be able to attend a memorable Fathers Day Lunch here with us. Simply click the directions button on our Google Map Location below and you’ll be directed straight to the hotel.

Fathers Day in Surrey at Gorse Hill, Fathers Day in Buckingham at Villiers Hotel

Fathers Day Dates in the UK

Fathers Day 2022 – Sunday June 19th / Fathers Day 2023 – Sunday June 18th / Fathers Day 2024 – Sunday June 16th

Easthampstead Park Fathers Day Menu!

My father had a profound influence on me, he was a lunatic – Spike Milligan

Fathers Day History

Whilst Mothering Sunday and eventually, Mothers Day, evolved from a Christian Holiday – Fathers Day is a far more modern observance, and was not recognised as an official day until the mid 1900’s in any country.

Some might say it’s a bit of an afterthought, and that it came about in competition with having a mothers day, and the reality does seem to back up that theory.

It was actually the USA who were the first country to officially observe a day dedicated just to Dads, and the UK soon followed the practice.

Whatever the reason, and whatever the historical roots of Fathers Day, here at Easthampstead Park we say Cheers, and we believe we should honour dads past and present in the best manner possible.

An awesome lunch out is just one of those ways!

Easthampstead Park Fathers Day Menu!

Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad – Anne Geddes

Fathers Day 2023 Rebook

If you enjoyed your Fathers Day 2022 experience with us here at Easthampstead Park then we’d love you to consider rebooking for an equally awesome Fathers Day lunch in 2023.

Why not contact the sales department and ask about our Fathers Day 2023 rebooking offers. sales@eastpark.co.uk

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