Personal Safety Training

Do any of your employees travel to challenging locations?


Protect your team, prepare them in advance.


Here at Easthampstead Park, we work with leading international security training providers who can help your team prepare for some of the dangers they may face in some parts of the world. Training is tailored to individual requirements, but may include:


Hostile Environment Awareness Training

World Traveller Awareness

Remote Medical Training

Personal Safety Training


We work closely with leading international security training providers. They have an unparalleled track record of providing high-quality bespoke training, security advice and support for clients who travel to challenging environments worldwide.


Their wide-ranging client base includes television, media, corporate business, governments and humanitarian aid agencies.


Training is practical, interactive, challenging and fun. It gives people important life skills and helps organisations work in difficult areas of the world.



Designed to improve personal security and safety awareness, the lessons learnt from this training are invaluable throughout the world - not just in the more challenging locations.


Some of the things your team might learn:


How to know you are being followed (and what you can do about it)

Using foreign taxis, trains and planes

Hotel considerations

Basic navigation

Working around people carrying weapons

What to do when an incident occurs



At the other end of the scale, this training will help those working in or visiting the most dangerous areas of the world - including journalists, media personnel, NGO's and humanitarian aid workers.


Some of the things your team might learn:


Conflict Management

Vehicle and building security

Managing difficult check-points

What to do if there is a shooting or blast nearby

Remote medical training

Detention and hostage survival

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